Faulkner Subaru Staff

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  • Doug Jones

    Doug has been with the Faulkner Organization since 1997.

    He is extremely proud of his team for their dedication to making the purchase and service experience here at Faulkner Subaru Harrisburg an easy and enjoyable one. The key to our success is simple - we create a positive working atmosphere, work well together, and treat every customer with respect helping them with their automotive needs.

    Doug is proud to say that our employees volunteer, participate in, and sponsor many different charitable organizations. Read some of our stories on our "Love Promise" page. We love playing an active role in our community. We are very passionate about lending a helping hand and feel it is the right thing to do!

    In his spare time, Doug enjoys traveling, riding his Harley, going to the gym and spending time with his two German Shepherds, Eva and Molly.

  • Chris Carvell
    General Sales Manager

    Chris joined the Faulkner Organization in 2012.

    He started with Faulkner as a Sales consultant in February of 2012 at the Harrisburg Subaru store. In September 2014 he was promoted to Sales Manager of Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg. In February 2018 he was promoted to General Sales Manager and has once again joined the team here at Faulkner Subaru in Harrisburg.

    Building a successful team at the dealership is a very rewarding experience. 

    In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Diane and their daughter Elizabeth. Together they enjoy traveling, skiing and attending the Harrisburg Symphony.

  • Erick Bollinger
    New Car Sales Manager

    Erick has been in the Faulkner family since July 2015.  Hands down, his favorite thing about working at Faulkner would be the people he works with and attending the annual Faulkner Christmas Party - trust us, it's a blast!  Erick truly enjoys helping people find the vehicle that's right for them and making them happy by providing a top notch buying experience. When he was younger, Erick had aspirations of becoming a professional athlete in either football or golf.  Erick has always look to his mom for inspiration because she has a huge heart and makes everyone around her smile.

    What his coworkers say about him:  "Erick is never without a smile.  He works with our customers to ensure they're getting the best deal and are completely satisfied before driving off our lot."

  • Ron Spohn
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    Ron joined the Faulkner Subaru team in September of 2014. He has been in the automotive industry for 8 years.

  • Jared Judson
    Finance Director

  • Faisal Qabbani
    Business Manager

    Faisal joined the Faulkner team in September 2017.

    He is from York and has worked in the automotive industry for the past several years.

    Faisal enjoys cars and working with people. 

  • Zach Shatto
    Finance Manager

    Zach enjoys his time living in Harrisburg, PA with his wife Stephanie, and their two awesome daughters, Kendall and Cora.

    In his spare time, Zach enjoys golfing and fishing.

  • Kyle Volk
    Business Manager

  • Kim Werner
    Internet Sales Manager

    Kim joined the Faulkner Subaru family in November of 2012. She took a career change from working for a non-profit organization to the car business.

    She was born and raised in Lebanon County where she currently resides with her 8-year old son, William.

    When Kim is not working, she enjoys attending her son's various sporting activities, Hersheypark, cooking and hiking. She is an avid sports fan, and loves the Hershey Bears, Washington Capitals, Green Bay Packers and Notre Dame Football.

    Kim loves driving around in her Subaru Crosstrek! 

  • Ashtyn Hoke
    Internet Sales Specialist

  • Stephanie Shatto
    Internet Sales & Marketing Specialist

  • Rick Ashenfalder
    Delivery Specialist

  • Mitchell Gluntz
    Delivery Specialist

    Mitchell joined the Faulkner Subaru team in August 2012. He has been in the automotive industry in a variety of different positions for 29 plus years.

    In his spare time, Mitchell enjoys playing golf and travelling.

  • Robert Barkley
    Sales Consultant

    Robert has been with Faulkner since 2011 and brings with him a high level of dedication, professionalism and customer focus.

    Prior to joining the Faulkner team, Robert spent 27 years in Corporate America before retiring as a Global HR Project Manager with international responsibilities. Robert is also a proud Milton Hershey School Alumnus, graduating class of 1979.

    Robert and his wife Roxanne reside in Lancaster County and have one son, Christopher, who is a Military Contractor. 

    In his spare time, Robert enjoys reading, mountain biking, hiking and landscaping.

  • Evelyn Bertoni
    Sales Consultant

    Evelyn has been in the Faulkner family since June 1993.  Her favorite thing about working at Faulkner are her customers and it makes her feel good when her customers leave the dealership completely satisfied with their purchase.  Evelyn is well known for her kind heart, love of dogs and willingness to rescue those in need, so it's not surprising that she had dreams of becoming a nurse when she was a kid.  Throughout her life, Evelyn's grandmother's strength and perseverance through the Great Depression has inspired her to keep pushing forward when times get tough.

    What her coworkers say about her:  "Evelyn always strives to provide her customers with a memorable experience, even when they aren't making a purchase.  I remember a time when an elderly couple traveling from Florida to Maine broke down. While their car was being fixed, Evelyn found a hotel room for them and their dog, dropped them off that evening and helped them pack up the next morning when their car was road ready."

  • Sandy Dragovan
    Sales Consultant

    Sandy has been in the Faulkner family since January 2008.  Her favorite thing about working at Faulkner Subaru are the friendships she's made with her customers and co-workers.  Sandy loves the thrill of finding the perfect car that meets her customers needs and budget. Her easy going personality and ability to talk to anyone had her dreaming of being an airline stewardess when she was a kid.  Her biggest inspirations in life are her parents who taught her to treat others the way she would want to be treated.

    What her coworkers say about her:  "Sandy is well known within the Faulkner family for her laughter, kind heart and willingness to go above and beyond for her customers.  From picking customers up at the airport to delivering vehicles to their homes, she doesn't hesitate when it comes to making things more convenient for her customer!"

  • Nikki McFerren
    Sales Consultant

    Nikki has been in the Faulkner family since August 2015.  Her favorite thing about working at Faulkner Subaru are her co-workers and customers.  Nikki loves seeing the excitement on her customer's faces when they pull off the lot happy with their new purchase.  When she was a kid, Nikki wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up. Her biggest inspirations in life are her parents who taught her the value of a hard days' work and instilled respect, integrity and values into her everyday life.

    What her coworkers say about her:  "Nikki comes to work every day with an infectiously positive attitude.  She focuses on putting the customer first no matter what and is always looking to assist her co-workers.  She's not afraid to go the extra mile."

  • Leo Landaeta
    Sales Consultant

  • Dan Mann
    Sales Consultant

    Dan has been in the Faulkner family since August 2014.  His favorite thing about working at Faulkner Subaru is that he works with a group of really cool people.  Dan stands behind the Subaru brand, and as a Subaru owner, he's happy to know that his customers are taking home top safety rated vehicles that will keep their family on the road for years to come.  When he was in elementary school, Dan wanted to be a Stegosaurus. Once he received the devastating news that it wasn't possible, he changed directions and had new dreams of becoming a school guidance counselor instead.

    What his coworkers say about him:  "Dan has such a fun and goofy personality.  He loves engaging in conversation and enjoys getting to know his customers on a personal level."

  • Chantel Muhammad
    Sales Consultant

    Chantel has been in the Faulkner family since May 2016.  Her favorite thing about working at Faulkner are her amazing colleagues and customers who make her laugh on a daily basis.  Chantel loves building relationships with her customers, learning what is right for them and their budget, and finding them a vehicle that exceeds their expectations.  Her parents have inspired her to be kind to others, put family above all else, have a strong work ethic, and have shown her the value of honoring her word. Chantel's outgoing personality had her dreaming of becoming a model or actress when she was little.

    What her coworkers say about her:  "Chantel makes Faulkner Subaru such a fun environment to work in.  She's always making people laugh, helps out whenever it's needed and her smile never leaves her face.  There hasn't been a single moment that I can recall in my time working at Faulkner that Chantel hasn't been friendly and kind to every person walking through our doors.  She brings a whole new light to the showroom floor."

  • Richard Scott
    Sales Consultant

    Richard has been in the Faulkner family since February 2015.  His favorite thing about working at Faulkner Subaru are the relationships he's formed that extend outside of the dealership.  He loves providing a great experience for his customers throughout their vehicle purchase. When he was younger, Richard wanted to be a professional baseball player.  His biggest inspiration in life would be his father who has instilled strong morals and values in Richard.

    What his coworkers say about him:  "Richard connects with his customers easily so it's not surprising that people enjoy working with him on their repeat vehicle purchases.  He's great at identifying key features his customers are looking for that really drives home their car buying experience."

  • Jim Smee
    Sales Consultant

    Jim has been in the Faulkner family since August 2001.  His favorite thing about working at Faulkner is the opportunity it provides him to be successful in his professional career.  Jim loves seeing the excitement in his customer's face when they pull off the lot in the vehicle that's perfect for them. His biggest inspiration in life is his mother, who raised him and his four siblings by herself after his dad passed away.  Jim raised two sons with his loving wife and prides himself on the values of doing the right thing and being respectful of others.

    What his coworkers say about him:  "Jim always maintains a sense of calm professionalism when working with customers and colleagues.  There have been plenty of times in my career with Jim that he's offered to assist a colleague's customer through their sale when they're absent from work that day.  He doesn't expect anything in return, he sticks to doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do."

  • Joe Tritch
    Sales Consultant

  • John Watterson
    Sales Consultant

    John has been in the Faulkner family since May 2018.  His favorite thing about working at Faulkner is the family style environment.  Subaru offers a quality product with high safety standards, and John feels good about working for a brand that he believes in.  John's father has been a huge inspiration to him, instilling honesty, integrity and strong values into his everyday life. It comes as no surprise that John wanted to be a police officer when he grew up because he's always looking to do the right thing and put people's best interests first.

    What his coworkers say about him: "John always has a smile on his face and is committed to going the extra mile for his customers, even if that means coming in on his day off to give a test drive or staying late because it's what worked best for their schedule.  He brings a great level of enthusiasm to the showroom floor!"

  • Joie Bollman
    Service Manager

  • Brenden Allen
    Express Service Advisor

    Brenden has been in the Faulkner family since March 2016.  His favorite thing about working at Faulkner is interacting with his co-workers and he enjoys making his customers laugh.  When Brenden was a kid, he wanted to become a Chef and own a Steakhouse. We're not sure why we're just now finding this out, but you can bet we'll be requesting a cookout ASAP!  Denzel Washington is considered to be one of his biggest inspirations because of the positive path he's paved for younger generations.

    What his coworkers say about him: "Brenden has a carefree and fun-loving attitude.  He's always finding ways to make customers feel welcome.  One time, he personally detailed a customer's vehicle even though that's not one of his responsibilities here at Faulkner."

  • Tommy Gassaway
    Service Advisor

    Tommy joined the Faulkner Subaru team in September of 2014. 

    He grew up with 3 brothers. Tommy's favorite sport is baseball. And believe it or not, he is related to Bejamin Franklin.

  • Terry Walters
    Service Advisor

  • Dalton Brown
    Service Technician

  • Sara Clark
    Service Technician

  • Trent Dobrzyn
    Service Technician

  • Matthew Gabner
    Express Service Technician

    Matthew joined the Faulkner team in August 2015.

    He enjoys hunting, fishing, off-roading and camping.

  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez Osornio
    Certified Technician

    Pablo has been with the Faulkner Subaru team for 3.5 years.

    He enjoys hanging out with his family. He is married and has two children.

  • Jesse Parker
    Service Technician

  • Ryan Pryzbylkowski
    Service Technician

  • Dustin Shultz
    Service Technician

  • Brandon Swope
    Service Technician

  • Jeff Thomas
    Service Technician

  • Chase Weaver
    Express Service Technician

  • Jacob Williams
    Service Technician

  • Steve Zielinski
    Certified Technician

    Steve joined the Faulkner team in June 2015.

    He enjoys snowboarding, dj-ing and family vacations.

    Steve is engaged and has a 1-year old daughter.

  • Kevin Antrim
    Recon Manager

    Kevin has been a part of the Faulkner team for 1.5 years.

    He enjoys playing and coaching soccer. Kevin has a son named Kaleb who is a senior in high school.

  • Calvin Blauser

  • Tyler Clancy

  • Christian Henderson

  • Jordan Walborn

  • Gilbert Brown, Sr.
    Shuttle Driver

    Gilbert joined the Faulkner team in June 2015.

    He is married and has two sons, and enjoys watching sports.

  • Mike Jones
    Shuttle Driver

  • Troy Suggs
    Parts Manager

    Troy joined the Faulkner organization in 1990. He joined the Subaru team in September 2017.

    He enjoys spending time with his family, riding motorcycles and skiing.

  • Frank Kaminski

  • Nate Martin

    Nate has been with our Faulkner Subaru family for over 5 years.

    He lives in Mechanicsburg with his girlfriend. Nate was born with a passion for cars with his father being a mechanic and weekend drag racer.

  • Mark Hauck
    Parts Driver

    Mark has been with the Faulkner Subaru team for two years.

    He enjoys reading and teaching. Mark is married and has four children.

  • Marci Brown

  • Nancy Cox

  • Tara Curtis
    Title Clerk

    Tara has been in the Faulkner family since July 2013.  Her favorite thing about working at Faulkner Subaru is when customers bring in their fur babies - she even has a water dish set up for them to enjoy while they're waiting in the customer lounge.  Tara prides herself in upholding the laws of the commonwealth and ensuring that customers are driving their vehicles legally. When she was younger, Tara wanted to be an actress due to her love of movies.  Her grandmother is her biggest inspiration in life. She has shown her how to be a kind, faithful and loving woman with a strong spirit.

    What her coworkers say about her:  "Tara is a pro when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of keeping our dealership legal.  She's extremely thorough in her processes and she's always trying to accommodate our customers, even if that means she's coming in early, staying late or FaceTiming with them to ensure accurate completion of their paperwork."